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Safety by Design


Dedicated to keeping people safe

Keeping people safe from crime and threats is a major concern.  That is where I can help.  My name is Barry Clark.      I am a 30+ year law enforcement veteran with a major metropolitan police department attaining the rank of Captain.  I have served in all bureaus, including over 10 years of experience in the Tactical (SWAT) Team.  During this period I taught Active Shooter Response tactics to officers all over the state of Oklahoma.   I am a member of the National Institute for Crime Prevention (NICP) and a certified Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design practitioner.  By looking at design, light and other factors I work with you and other stakeholders to keep crime from happening.  Because crime and threat prevention is preferred to response after the fact. 

The Process

Once you select me the following steps will occur:

1.  Interview

I will personally meet with you and any stakeholders to determined what your concerns are and goals you are wanting to accomplish.

2.  On Site Assessment

I will conduct an on-site assessment of your current security assets.

3.  Comprehensive Report

Once the assessment is completed I will provide you with a written report detailing suggestions on how to attain your security goals an improve on your current assets.


Below is a list of sites I will assess or services provided.

Young Business Woman

Your Business

From local mom and pop shops to major corporations

Kids at Playground


Obtain a safety assessment on your park or other public venues

High School Exterior


Public or private schools including colleges and universities



Have your blueprints reviewed before building to incorporate safety designs in the property

Church Windows

Houses of Worship

Any location used as a place of worship.  


Awareness Training

Clear and simple steps your people can take to keep them safe regardless of where they are at

Don't see your site here?  Call or email me!!


Oklahoma City, OK, USA

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